University of Sussex

Client: Sussex Estates and Facilities
QS: Fulkers, BLB Surveyors & MacConvilles
Value: £1.850,000
Programme: Numerous projects throughout 2017/18


Pilbeam Construction have carried out many projects for the University of Sussex at various locations within their Estate throughout 2017 and 2018.

Projects range from external works such as roof repairs and renewals, rooftop and ground level ventilation and cooling installations, external re-decorations and associated works, to various internal schemes in office, laboratory and resi-dences.

Several residences have been subject to fire up-grades in-cluding the fitting of new fire doors, up-grading of emergen-cy lighting and alarm systems, and often including refurbish-ment of communal kitchen facilities and student bedroom studies. Projects have also included laboratory and office strip out and re-configuration schemes involving a high me-chanical and electrical content in the new installations.

Many of these works have been carried out whilst the prop-erties, or adjacent facilities, are occupied and so require close liaison with the University and consideration for the students and staff.

“Pilbeam was able to act quickly on client changes and incorporate these within existing programme. Quality of finish on all aspects was high. Pilbeam were also able to interact well with building users to manage noisy/disruptive works.”

Pat Begley, MacConvilles Surveying