Ridgelands, Elphinstone Road, Hastings

Client: Ability Housing Association
Project Manager:
Philip Pank Partnership
Architect: PDP LLP Architects
Engineer: Gyoury Self Partnership
Value: £1,520,000
Programme: 42 Weeks

This Design and Build project comprised of the construction of eleven number one bedroom flats, with a care workers overnight cubby, constructed over three floors, including external footpaths, soft landscaping, parking areas, a new incoming road to service a future housing estate and new incoming statutory services and drainage.

The site was a ‘greenfield’ location on a steeply sloping hillside in Hastings.

The build required extensive groundworks due to the sloping nature of the site. These include a pre-cast concrete retaining wall alongside the public highway and King Post and Stepoc Block retaining walls around the site. The basement of the building was constructed in a traditional cavity wall on a concrete raft with the upper floors being a timber frame construction.

Internally, the flats and common ways were configured to suit specific disabled occupants, or with the ability to adapt to suit future residents.