Epsom College

Client: Epsom College
Architect: NVB Architects
QS: Huntley Cartwright
M&E: Edward Pearce Consulting
Engineer: Scott White & Hookins
Value: £2.400,000
Programme: Multiple projects


We have carried out multiple projects at Epsom College in 2017 and 2018 .

Robinson House—Phase 1—Ground Floor refurbish-ment and an extension to create a new entrance. Phase 2— A new roof over an internal courtyard area along with converting a basement to provide further study rooms. Renewal of two staircases to a bespoke metal/glazed version.

Fayrer House— Internal remodeling of an existing Boys Boarding House to form ‘day rooms, and common rooms along with refurbishment and remodeling the house masters flat on the 2nd floor, which provided him with a new dedicated external access staircase and formed a decked external area. This project involved considerable amount of structural works and new Me-chanical and Electrical throughout.