Conquest Hospital Front of House and Main Entrance Upgrades

Client: East Sussex Hospitals NHS
Architect: P+HS Architects
QS: Pennington Choices
Engineer: JMLA Ltd
M&E: Avinny Consulting Engineers
Value: £690,085
Programme: 49 weeks


The aim of this project was to upgrade the Main Entrance to Conquest Hospital and enhance the flow of client movements within the busy entrance to the hospital. The works were complet-ed in five phases and included an extension to, and reconfiguration of the reception areas and flower shop providing space for additional in-house office facilities and enhancing the reception, help desk and waiting areas. Minor external works improved access and safety arrangements in the approaches to the entrance.

Working in the main entrance was logistically challenging with the works divided up into various phases to ensure the normal operation of the hospital was not adversely affected by the construction work. Much of the work was undertaken in the evenings, overnight and at weekends to accommodate the operational priorities of the hospital.

The reconfiguration required the demolition of existing steelwork, internal structural and non-loadbearing walls. Asbestos surveys were commissioned and carried out overnight whilst the area was closed, ensuring the safety of staff, patients and the public prior to these works being undertaken.

The extension to the Main Entrance circulation space required new foundations and a reinforced concrete slab with a steel framed structure over. The steelwork was infilled with lightweight timber framed infill with powder coated aluminum windows and Geze automatic sliding doors. The external walls were finished with a Sto render whilst the roof had a Danosa single ply system applied to the timber boarding. Internal finishes included a bespoke reception desk and help desk, with solid doors and robust finishes applied throughout.

The internal works comprised of fire rated metal stud walls with suspended ceilings and new vinyl flooring throughout. A number of existing walls were over boarded to enhance their fire rating without involving disruptive construction processes. The hospitals’ flower shop received a major upgrade including an extension with a structure of a similar but smaller configuration to the main entrance. This shop and the Friends Shop were both fitted with fire rated security roller shutters.

In addition to the usual heating, power and lighting, the M&E installations included new ventilation and data systems, new fire and panic alarms, plus other security installations, including CCTV, all connected to the hospitals’ existing infrastructure.