Lady Bee Enterprise Centre and Hove Enterprise Centre.

We are working with Shoreham Port on two exciting projects, Lady Bee Enterprise Centre and Hove Enterprise Centre.

Materials have been specified where possible to minimise their travel distance to site, and selected from recognised sustainable sources with the appropriate environmental certification.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof, with the water consumption in all units is being reduced through the use of practical and hygienic water systems. This includes water saving measures such as flow restrictors, water efficient white goods and dual flush toilets.

‘Working with the port and local sub-contractors brings a range of benefits including local knowledge, supporting the local economy and minimising our carbon footprint”. Says Scott Giles, Construction Director at Pilbeam.

Tim Hague, Director of Property & Development commented “I am delighted that construction is very near completion at our Lady Bee Enterprise Centre development. We are very pleased that Lady Bee will increase current renewable energy generation in keeping with our Eco-Port status. This has been achieved by collaboration with Brighton Energy Co-operative to install solar panels and electric car charging points as part of the new estate. While many units have been allocated, tenant spaces are still available, so please contact Oakley for more details.”

A number of students from Brighton and Portsmouth Universities have visited the Lady Bee project through the course of construction, giving them a valuable insight into the construction process and working on site.